Christmas Blues

Christmas is a time for great joy and celebration, but it can be a time of immense loneliness for many people. Loneliness occurs when we feel isolated, cut off from people, or left out of the general good cheer that surrounds the season. We can experience this loneliness when we don’t have close family (or friends) with us. These days, many of us don’t, either because we don’t have any family or because we are temporarily cut off from them. What do we do?

We can do quite a few things so we aren’t sitting around in the house, moping, and cursing a day that should bring us happiness. The first thing is to remember that Christmas is *not* about people, despite what those pictures of people with rosy cheeks and shining faces suggest. It is about Christ, and despite how lonely we might feel, we are not alone! Christ came down from heaven to be with us! Forget about the absence of people; focus on the presence of Christ. We don’t have to play carols and decorate plastic trees; we just need to be content to spend the day with the Savior who would love to spend the day with us!

However, if this seems too philosophical, there are other things that we can do to feel less lonely. We can accept an invitation from a friend to join their family for Christmas. If we don’t get an invitation from anyone, *we* can invite someone else who is alone to spend the day with us! 

Or we can plan a fun day for ourselves by ourselves. We can do some shopping and buy something really cool that we have wanted all year (see how happy this makes you feel!). We can go to a movie, going wild with the snacks (you’ll probably have the theater to yourself!). Or we can  even go for a leisurely walk. 

If we really want to be around people, we can volunteer our help to centers that do things for the homeless and needy at Christmas. This last suggestion will really help to make us feel good because it is truly in the spirit of the season.

If you’re not up to doing anything, you can text chat with me. Christmas week will end my year in the wilderness, but since I won’t be partying, I’ll be happy to chat with you for a bit. Use WhatsApp or Messenger to message me. Goodbye loneliness, hello friendliness :) 

I hope this will inspire those among you who are *not* alone to reach out to people who are. I know that many of us like to spend time with the family on this special day, but we are all one family in Christ, no? Let nobody feel lonely this Christmas.