The End

All good things must come to an end. This is a proverb with roots that stretch back to the 1300s. It means that nothing good lasts forever, but this is not necessarily a bad thing, although it might be a sad thing. For instance, we might have a great time in college, but one day we will graduate. This is sad because we will leave behind our relatively carefree days and many other things, including our friends, but then we have other new things to look forward to. So, not all bad.

I am writing this reflection because these "Lessons in the Wilderness" end today. I have several reasons for this. One reason is that I am not in the wilderness anymore, so these "lessons" are no longer personal. They will soon lose "heart." Another reason is I want to do new things, and these reflections will get less attention than they deserve. That will make them lose "soul." Anything without heart and soul is dead. So.

I am very grateful to God for these lessons because they are all things that he taught me before I taught them to you. I am also grateful to him for the hundreds of new friends I made on this journey, cutting across denominations and faiths. Thank you, too, for your graciousness in expressing your appreciation and love and support since I started them. May God bless you all.

Our journey together does not have to come to an end. Over the next ten days, I invite you to pray along with me in the *Pentecost Novena*. The prayers are prefaced with a talk on the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit, which will hopefully serve to give you an understanding of them, so you know what you are praying for!

On Pentecost Sunday, I will be launching a new audio/video series titled *The Bite-Sized Gospel*, which will be very short readings and reflections on the four gospels in sequential order. This is a beautiful way of discovering Jesus — and Scripture — by spending just ten minutes a day. If you would like to receive these in your WhatsApp account, please message "Subscribe" to +91 93214 56817.

(A note to existing subscribers to Lessons in the Wilderness. The Pentecost Novena and the Bite-Sized Gospel reflections will automatically come to you. I understand you didn't subscribe to these, so please delete the number from your contacts if you don't want to receive them. No hard feelings.)

I also have an ongoing series titled *The Hope Podcast*. If you would like to subscribe to these, message "Subscribe" to +91 90821 01605. Each episode is less than 5-minutes long and will give you a little encouragement to take you through the day. Everything is free.

Finally, if you would like to pray with me "live" twice a week on Zoom for the thousands of people asking us to pray for them, please WhatsApp me on +97150 6258365. I know God will be immensely pleased, and I will be delighted to have you praying by my side.

Well, that's that then. I will pray for you. Please pray for me.

May the Spirit be with you.

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