Arise, Wounded Soldier Theme Song Lyrics

Arise, wounded soldier
It’s time to fight again
The battle you thought you’d totally lost
Is just about to begin
It’s revolution.

Awake, sleeping Christian
And gird up for the war
The weapons we use aren’t the weapons of the world
They have divine power.
It’s revolution.

Speak, silent preacher,
Start proclaiming the word
The things that God said are coming to pass
So use his mighty sword.
It’s revolution.

We don’t fight with guns and knives
Bio warfare ain’t our thing
We leave them dirty bombs alone
And don’t add to suffering
We just wield a mighty sword
It’s called the Word of God
Wrapped up in this thing called love
That we learned from the Lord of Lords
It’s revolution.

“Arise, Wounded Soldier” is the 30th song written and composed by Aneel Aranha, mixed and sung by Kendrae Frame, with guitar accompaniment by Froilan Sequeira.


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