Health is Wealth

Today, we will talk about how we shouldn’t take our bodies for granted but look after our health.

As you probably know, we have an online intercessory group called the “House of Prayer” ( I am shocked at the number of petitions that pour in from people seeking healing for everything from leukemia and cancer to strokes and paralysis. As I read the petitions, I cannot help but wonder if a better lifestyle might have prevented many of these sicknesses.

We don't look after our bodies. It's a fact. Forget about abusing it with drugs, nicotine, and alcohol; we harm it by unhealthy food habits and not exercising enough. And then there is the neglect when we don't look after it as we should. Just consider the teeth. A friend told me last week that her teeth are rotten — and she's not even forty! Too much Coca-Cola, she said! How are *your* teeth?

"Do you not know," Paul asked, "that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit?" (1 Corinthians 6:19). Our bodies are living tabernacles, yet we often treat them like garbage dumps. It might be too late for some of us to rectify some of the more severe damage done to our bodies, but there is still time for the rest of us to fix them.

So, what can we do? Eat a healthy, balanced diet with lots of vegetables and fruit at proper intervals. And *insist* that your kids do so, too. All children loathe veggies, but inculcating good eating habits in them when they are little will help ensure they continue them as they grow older.

Don't use tobacco, vape products, alcohol, or drugs. I know some of you rolled your eyes here, but please research the harmful effects of these substances, consumed even in minor quantities, and see if it might persuade you to stay away from them! Better health or more pleasure? Your choice.

Exercise regularly. You don't need to pump iron; walking is terrific exercise, and a typical adult should walk at least 6000 steps a day. Get enough sleep. We need 7+ hours of sleep every 24 hours for the body (and mind) to rejuvenate itself! And, oh yes, brush your teeth twice daily and change your toothbrush every three months.

Smartphones and smartwatches can keep track of weight, BMI, blood pressure, heart rate, and practically every health measurement we can think of, so it would be good to invest in one—and on a weighing scale, of course! If we look after our bodies, we will save a fortune in medical bills, not to mention avoid unnecessary stress and suffering. Please look after yours.

God bless you.